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Writing A Press Release: What Business Owners Ought To Know

Perhaps your interest in this topic is driven by an increase of success stories generated by press releases over the years. Therefore, you are at a point where you are thinking about public media strategies for your business. Although many have heard of the term before, few know how and when to use them.

A press release is a written communication that reports specific information about an event, circumstance or activity of a business.

Before you begin writing a press release, there are things to consider about the process, news media outlets, topics and best practice guidelines.

The Process Of Writing A Press Release

1. Fine a topic worth sharing.
2. Write your press release.
3. Submit to the Editor-In-Chief of your chosen news media outlet.
4. A journalist reviews it.
5. A journalist contacts you for an interview to run a news story.

In essence, your press release is a pitch to the journalist to run your story.

Toni Wells Copywriter

While the process is straightforward, there is one thing worth noting; there is no guarantee that a media outlet will publish your press release. Why? Generally speaking, large news media outlets such as Courier-Mail receive hundreds of them each day. The chances of your press release being reviewed are very slim.  

So, how do you increase your chances? Keep reading.

Writing A Press Release: News Media Outlets

The topic of your press release depends on your industry and your audience. Ask yourself: Would my topic benefit industry-specific readers or community-focused readers?

Business First Magazine would not consider the publication of your car performance parts to be news. However, the editors of Just Cars and other automotive magazines whose readers use this product may have an interest in publishing your story.  

The bottom line is to choose a local media outlet relevant to your topic. If unsuccessful, consider a nationwide outlet.

Topics For Writing A Press Release

Your press release must not contain descriptive stories about your business unless the story tells the audience something new or provides information useful to the readers.

That being said, below is a list of possible topics.

• Opening of a new business.

• Change of business name, slogan or logo.

• Product improvement.

• A new product or service.

• New partnership.

• Expert opinion on any subject.

• Company milestone.

• Awards and honours won by your organisation or its employees.

• Major contracts awarded to your business.

• Charitable acts or fundraising announcement.

Best Practice For Writing A Press Release

Spacing, spelling and grammar

Since you are dealing with news space, use double-spacing between text and always triple-check for misspellings and grammatical errors.


Focus on what is different, unique and how it benefits readers. People love interesting and dynamic content over bland, boring promotional writing. Just like copywriting, avoid the use of superlatives as it turns people off from your message. Remember, your press release is a pitch to a journalist.


It doesn’t matter if you use fancy printed PR letterheads or graphically designed layouts for presentation. What matters is that it contains interesting news so it is best to write with clarity and accuracy.

In short, choose a local media outlet relevant to your topic to increase your chances of your press release being reviewed and your story being published.

If you don’t have the confidence or time to write one for your business, ask a copywriter to help you.

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