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What Does Your Website Copy Say About You?

Did you know that you have 90 seconds to make a good impression?

I don’t know about you but that’s not a lot of time.
Especially, now more than ever, businesses are going digital.

Which means that you need to make an impression – and make it quickly.

Don’t become an afterthought to your customers.

Starting From Scratch?

The process to engage with a copywriter can begin at any point.

With wireframes

Receive copy purposely written around your chosen format.


Without wireframes

This is the one that clients tend to stress about. But, don’t worry if you haven’t chosen a platform yet.

Your copy will include a visual illustration of where the components will sit.

So, your web developer/designer will know exactly where everything needs to go.

Make Your Website Look Great Again

The one takeaway that many business owners have said to me was this…

“I wished that I had done something about my website copy earlier.”

So, if you have a niggling feeling that you need to do something about your website copy – now is the time.

How Your Business Will Benefit From A Website Copywriter

Working with me means that your business will have:

1. Unique selling proposition that communicates your value in less than 2 sentences

2. An attention-grabbing headline that piques their interest

3. Concise and conversational for readability

4. Benefit-driven to overcome objections

5. Clear call-to-action to tell your customers what to do next

6. Compelling offer to remove residual doubt

Why Choose Me To Do Your Website Copywriting?

Here are 3 reasons why:

  • To eliminate the complexities of your business so you become the solution, rather than ‘just another option’.

  • There’s not a single industry nor website that is beyond help.
    Even the driest information-heavy subjects transformed into interesting and compelling copy.

  • Knowing your customers’ inner monologue and pain points.

SEO Website Copywriting

Online visibility is key to driving consumers to your website.
With your website copy, you’ll receive:

  • Keyword-optimised copy to increase your Google ranking;
  • Click-worthy title tag; and
  • Benefit-driven meta description.

For more information, click the link below.

Ready To Take Your Website Copywriting To The Next Level?

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