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Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020: 5 Ways To Grow Your Brand

If you’re like most people then you have been swamped with reports of social media marketing trends for 2020 filling up your newsfeed.

The thing is this – most of the reports tell you what to expect, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed about how to tackle marketing in 2020.

We all know that social media plays a big role in consumer behaviour. And, as long as technology continues to advance, social media will be an integral part of marketing.

So, if you’re a micro or small business owner looking to build your brand – without burning a hole in your pocket, then this blog is for you.
Learn the social media marketing strategies that you can implement today.

Let’s begin.

1. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020: Conduct More Live Stream Videos

Social media live streaming has made a huge leap in recent years. It went from novelty to necessity. The definition of live streaming is the broadcasting of real-time, live video to an audience over the internet.

The reason for its leap is due to its effectiveness to create engagement.
If you haven’t guessed by now, engagement is the name of the game in social media.

Image of Infographic on live stream video growth


Source: Neil Patel

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube rolled out this feature in late 2015, 2016, 2017 respectively.
Recently, LinkedIn has joined in.   

Can you guess which two factors that drive the need for people to watch live stream videos?

Is it to help them to be:

– Informed?
– Up-to-date with the latest news?

Or it is to help them to feel:

– Connected?
– Involved?

Believe it or not – 60% of people watch live streaming to stay up-to-date followed by 54% of people wanting to feel involved.

So, what type of information do you need to feed your audience while making them feel involved in the process?
Below are some suggestions:

– Talk about a limited time special deal.
– Share something newsworthy that is specific to your industry.
– Announce a change in the way you conduct business.
– Run a competition and announce the winner.
– Conduct a Q&A.
– Conduct a mini-workshop.

Before going live, create a post on your Facebook and announce that you will be going live in 30 mins.

If you plan to do a Q&A, use the information you have gathered from your audience and turn it into a series of posts for your other social media platforms.
This technique is called re-purposing. You can re-purpose different pieces of content from just one live stream video.
Think blog posts, audio, infographic, etc.

Re-purposing content is nothing new, but it is your life vest to a sea of hungry people.

2. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020: Experiment With Paid Social Ads for Lead Generation

There have been claims that organic listing in social media is dead. The answer: not at all!
However, to generate leads, there is one thing that it requires – the support of paid social ads.

Social ads simply mean to use a social media platform to run your advertisement. The concept is the same with Google Adwords except that it is done through social media instead of a search engine.

Lead generation simply means the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for your products or services.
This is perfect for getting people to subscribe to your mailing list as a result of taking up on your offer.

So, why advertise through social media?

Social media ad spend reached $84 billion worldwide this year – finally overtaking print advertising spend

– Zenith Media

Given that statement, let’s use Facebook as our choice of platform.

If you’re worried about the cost of advertising, then you’ll be glad to know that Facebook has a new advanced tool which makes the cost-to-benefit ratio attractive to those with smaller budgets.

Put simply, Facebook’s ad platform has made it accessible to businesses with small budgets by providing targeting/localisation capabilities to reach your intended audience.

If you have ‘boosted a post’ before and found it an expensive endeavour with little to no return, then this recent change may provide some reprieve – to a degree.

Spending money on ads doesn’t guarantee success.
To help you create an ad and monitor its performance, here are two suggestions:

Read this article – 9 Tips To Write The Best Facebook Ads

Use ‘Facebook Insights’ to monitor your ad’s performance.
However, if you’re after something different, you can find both free and paid tools online.
Just type into Google or any search engine of your choice “free benchmarking tools for Facebook ads.”
Alternatively, you can read this article – The Best Free and Paid Facebook Analytics Tool

– To learn how to use the new Facebook tool, watch this video:

3. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020: Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Years ago, people went overboard to spread themselves across every social media platform they could register on.
And, because consistency is an important factor, people often create a single post and hit ‘share’ on every platform.

The thing you have to keep in mind is that you will have the same subscribers following you on multiple platforms.
Hence, the reason why you must create unique content.   

2020 is all about building strong connections by choosing quality over quantity.

To determine which two platforms to use and excel in, examine your ideal client, the platform’s demographics and the types of content users post on those platforms. Ideally, you want to stick to at least two platforms – three as the maximum.
Any more than that and it will become harder to build connections.

4. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020: Create A Reaction In Posts

Since the number of likes on Facebook and Instagram has been hidden from view, there has been a shift on other metrics such as reactions, comments and shares. You see, Facebook’s algorithm uses engagement signals to prioritise posts in newsfeeds.
In other words, you should strive for a reaction from followers.  

But, is there a reaction worth more than another? The answer: no.
A study showed that all reactions are equal when it comes to engagement.

So, why is a reaction worth so much to Facebook? Well, when you think about it, posting a reaction takes longer to do as you have to hold down the like button to select a reaction. This indicates there is a higher level of engagement.

Image of Facebook's Reaction Panel

Source: Smart Insights

For your posts to gain exposure on newsfeeds, here’s what you need to do:  

Vary your posts to elicit a reaction.
This means that you will need to incorporate funny memes, heartfelt messages – anything that may get a reaction over a simple like.
Just remember to stay true to your brand. That means sharing things that reflect your voice and your personality. This should be in addition to posting informative content because such content is likely to be shared – even if it is only shared in messenger. Why is that so important to mention? It counts when someone shares your post in a private message.

5. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020: Set-Up Instant Messaging For Customer Support  

Since 2015, messaging apps have been gradually gaining traction. Nowadays, they are the preferred method for customers to contact businesses.
According to numerous articles, over half of consumers are choosing ‘Message Us’ button over a ‘Call Us’ button when seeking support.  

Instant messaging is not the same as conversational marketing. Conversational marketing uses intelligent chatbots specifically designed to move consumers through the sales process by way of real-time conversation.
This type of marketing can be a pricey venture for micro and small businesses alike. While conversational marketing may not be part of your budget, consider setting up instant messaging for your business.

Instant messaging is effective because of the convenience.
Yes, believe it or not – consumers claim messaging is a simple and easy way for them to get in contact.

The three most popular free messaging apps are:

– Facebook Messenger
– WhatsApp
– WeChat

Facebook Messenger is by far the most popular and has been considered the best tool for businesses to date.

Image of Facebook's messenger app growth

Source: Social Examiner

But, if you’re looking to explore other options, RocketBots has a list of 7 apps that will help you to determine the right one for your business and your consumers.  

In Conclusion

There are 5 cost-effective ways to build your brand using the social media trends of 2020.
Start by conducting live streaming videos to keep your audience involved with up-to-date information.
Experiment with paid social ads for lead generation using Facebook’s new and improved platform.
Focus on quality over quantity of engagement to build strong connections.
Strive for reactions in posts to gain more exposure on newsfeeds and set-up instant message for customer support.

Do you have content goals that you want to achieve? I’d love to help you! Send me a message here

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