A Great Website Copy Is The First Piece Of Digital Real Estate That You Should Invest In

Believe it or not, 50% of businesses don’t have a website.  So how do they foster a relationship with a prospect without any words?

You can’t.

Having a website is much more than just beautiful imagery. It’s the words that really count. Your website can reach its maximum potential by having beautifully crafted words that speak to the audience and calls your readers to action.

Got A New Website And In Need Of Copy?

Below are 5 copy fundamentals I provide for your website:

1. Home.

2. About us.

3. FAQs.

4. Product or service page.

5. Contact.

Each page will be optimised using Google-friendly title tags and meta descriptions.

You can expect about 300 words for each page.

Need To Refresh Your Website Copy?

Refresh your website copy with thought-provoking words that will have your readers engaged.

Below are elements you can expect in yours:

Attention-grabbing headline

People are in a hurry, especially when they are searching the web for information so I take the time on getting the headline right in order to capture their attention.

Quality photographs

There’s no doubt that images are vital for any website but images need to be used sensibly, particularly on home pages as they can slow down the page loading speed. High-quality images always add a professional touch.

As an option, I can source commercial use images that are royalty-free.


It helps break-up text for an easy reading experience.


Besides wanting to know what the product/service is and what it does, prospects also want to know how it can benefit them.


I write content that will be specific to the target market which means I’ll be writing from the customer’s point of view.

The benefits of writing to the target market create a point of difference and attract a niche market.

Relevant and targeted offer

Depending on where the customer is at during the buying process, I create a strong offer to keep them interested.

Evidence/proof of claim

The best way to alleviate doubt from a potential buyer is to provide evidence that others have done business with you. Never underestimate the power of testimonials or case studies.

In the absence of a testimonial or case study, there are other ways to give people a sense of certainty. Think money-back guarantee or free support with the product or service.

I provide prospects with credibility or help build their trust through the appropriate use of references.

Value-add content

People are becoming picky when giving away their information to companies. I come up with ideas on offering rewards to help motivate potential customers to take the next step.

A clear call to action

Not having a clear call to action negates the purpose of writing copy. I never assume customers know what to do, thus I make it clear by telling them exactly what to do.

So let’s start off with a good impression. Why not make it your website copy?

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