Print And Press Advertisement

Get Noticed With A Carefully Constructed Print Or Press Advertisement

Press advertisement refers to a newspaper and print advertisement refers to a magazine advertisement.

The three elements of any print are: headline, description, and slogan.

The cost will depend on whether the publication is local, national and of course the size of the ad.

To help with the decision-making, I can work on a concept approach if you’re uncertain about the direction or appearance. What is the concept you ask? A concept is an outline of the ad – headline, description and a slogan. I’ll provide several concepts for you to choose from.


During the briefing, we’ll cover the following elements of your advertisement:


Press and print advertisements have to work hard because it is surrounded by competing for advertisements so I take the time on getting the headline right in order to capture people’s attention.


Pictures encourage people to read the advertisement.


A slogan usually appears underneath the logo.

Body copy

In advertising, space is money so this is the part where I choose words wisely.

You’ll find the best copy are always simple, customer-focused and benefit-driven.


It helps break-up text for an easy reading experience.


The best way to alleviate doubt from a potential buyer is to provide evidence that others have done business with you. Never underestimate the power of testimonials.

Company information

Essential information that should not be left out. As always, make it easy for customers to contact you.

A clear call to action

I never assume customers know what to do, thus I make it clear by telling them exactly what to do – call to inquire, visit the website, etc.

Will it be your business that will stand out from the crowd with a quality print or press advertisement?

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