Inform People With A Thought-Provoking Newsletter

Good planning is what makes a newsletter a success. Newsletters are ideal for creating company awareness, change an opinion, or keeping staff or clients informed.

My role in producing a newsletter is to gather the stories and write them. I strongly recommend staff and clients have separate newsletters.

Why? Because they don’t want to read about staff events such as birthdays, wedding anniversary, marriages, etc.

Having said that, staff newsletter need not be boring. I can help you come up with story ideas if you get stuck and produce a newsletter that they will enjoy.

In terms of the frequency of each newsletter issue, it is best to monitor the success of the first issue to determine how often it should be published.

The alternative is to produce two or three issues a year.

During the brief, we’ll cover the following:


Newsletters are usually A4 or tabloid.

A tabloid tends to create more of an impact due to its larger pages and varied layouts.

Number of pages  

The number of pages will depend on how much there is to say. It is best to start small.


Collecting information can be done in two ways, either I do all the collecting or I get assistance from a contributor.


Clients are normally responsible for the distribution.

Engage With A Thought-Provoking Email Magazine (ezines)

One of the most popular and cost-effective ways to send out newsletters is via email.

Think of email magazines as a shortened version of a newsletter.

Ezines contain the following:

– No more than 400 words long.

– Use of bullet points and sub-headlines.

– Have the main headline.

– No large attachments.

Keep your clients up to date with company victories, client success stories, changes in government rebates, etc.

To find out more, send me a message through Contact or call.

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