Direct Mail


Solve Your Sale Woes With A Direct Mail Letter

Is your business seeking to:

– Get more sales?

– Retrieve lost business from past clients?

– Launch a new product?

– Launch a new service?

All of these can be solved using the medium, direct mail letter.


What Is So Special About A Direct Mail Letter?

The letter itself is not special but in order for your letter to stand out, opt for a direct mail package.

The package is the design of the envelope. It contains a letter, a brochure and a reply card.  This format will vary depending on your objective. 

Since the envelope is the first thing that people see when they receive your mailer, you want it to be eye-catching. The idea behind a direct mail package is to look as personal as possible. 

Elements Of A Great Direct Mail Letter

Here’s what to expect with yours:

Attention-grabbing headline

People are in a hurry, especially when they are searching the web for information so I take the time on getting the headline right in order to capture their attention.


I write content that will be specific to the target market which means I’ll be writing from the customer’s point of view.

The benefits of writing to the target market create a point of difference and attract a niche market.


Besides wanting to know what the product/service is and what it does, prospects also want to know how it can benefit them.

A clear call to action

Not having a clear call to action negates the purpose of writing copy. I never assume customers know what to do, thus I make it clear by telling them exactly what to do.


How Many Pages Should My Direct Mail Letter Be?

If your objective is to change the consumer’s mind or behaviour then a long copy would be the best option.  Long copy is usually 4 pages or more. 


Reach Your Customers By A Push Of A Button 

Since its inception, smartphones provided the ability for people to constantly check their emails.

The purpose of email marketing is to take prospects from just becoming aware of your brand to develop a relationship with you. It’s all about customer relations.  

While email doesn’t have the same wow factor as a beautifully crafted direct mail package, it’s a popular choice among business owners. Because it’s fast, it’s easily measurable and it’s easily tailored to customer actions so that every communication is relevant to their interest. 


Want to know if this is the right medium for your business? Send me a message through Contact or call.

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