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Business Blogs Are The Atomic Particle Of Content Marketing

It’s no secret that blogging has exploded over the past few years mainly because more and more people have discovered the benefits behind this wonderful tool. It is interesting to know that blogs have been around since 1994. Who would have thought!

Blogs have evolved from an online personal diary to a major source for driving traffic back to your website for businesses. Business blogs give you the opportunity to create relevant content for your clients, thus your clients will view it as a valuable source.

The benefits in publishing regular business blogs can help establish your brand, foster relationships with your clients and connect to your audience with shareable content for your social media followers.

Improve Your Search Rank On Google With Long-Tail Keywords

There are pros and cons for both short and long-tail keywords. I tend to focus on long-tail keywords.

Improve Your Website’s Rank

Regular blogs will help your website’s overall rank on Google because it drives users to visit your website more often.

Boost Your Credibility

When a user is looking to purchase a product or hire a service, they are looking for a company that has an authoritative voice. Your business blogs will appear credible to users.

Share Your Expertise

Educate people by sharing your expertise on various topics and gain trust among users.

Quality Business Blogs Made Simple

Trying to come up with blog topics and writing content is no quick task. Most likely your days are already jam-packed with back-to-back meetings so writing regular blogs are not part of your job description. This is where I can help.

As a blog copywriter, I write blogs for your business that speaks to your audience, drive traffic to your website with topics that are engaging in an informative way.

We start the process with the brief. This provides me with information on every aspect of your business, audience and goals. Together, we brainstorm various blog topics and work on a schedule that is appropriate. I then put my ‘copywriting hat’ on and start crafting the blog content to suit your brand voice and speak to your target market.

When it comes to images, I have access to curated images that are royalty-free. I will provide an image that represents the content. In terms of the delivery, I email the blog posts as MS Word attachment. Alternatively,  you can assign me an editor role in WordPress for me to write posts directly and save for your approval.

To blog we go!

To find out more, send me a message through Contact or call.

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