Brochure And Leaflet

Get Noticed With A Beautifully Crafted Brochure

Every business should have a brochure. If your business doesn’t have one – there’s a starting point.

A brochure usually covers the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

During the brief, we’ll cover the following elements:


The two most common brochure sizes are A4 and A5.

Number of pages  

Two things to brainstorm are the main points to include in the brochure and types of images you want to use as this will help determine the number of pages required.

Front cover

I’ll provide you with some suggestions as to what can be placed on the front cover.

List of contents

This is only required for brochures of eight pages or more.

Product/service description

This is the section that buyers pay close attention to.

Customer testimonials

Never underestimate the power of testimonials.

Company information

This section is a good opportunity to state the company’s years of trading or the company’s philosophy.


A must-have piece of information.

A clear call to action

I never assume customers know what to do, thus I make it clear by telling them exactly what to do – call to inquire, visit the website, etc.

The elements outlined above is only a sample of what can be published in a brochure.

As I’m not a graphic designer, I’ll provide a rough sketch for your designer to do.

In Need Of A Quick Sale? Capture People’s Attention With An Engaging Leaflet

Or promote a limited time offer? Maybe convince customers to trial a product? These can be solved through a Sales Promotion Leaflet.

Leaflets can be a single sheet to four-sided depending on the format of your choice. Technical performance and conditions of sale along with contact essentials will be covered in the leaflet.

Got A Big Product Line?

Range leaflets contain a large number of products with a short description of each. Think small parts, technical information sheets, etc.

Stand out from the crowd with a professional brochure or leaflet and let’s get some sales going.

To find out which medium will work for your business, send me a message through Contact or call.

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