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Does Your Business Need SEO?

If you would like to diversify your sales lead, then SEO is an important marketing strategy to have.

Indeed, word-of-mouth is an effective method to attract new customers but in this age of information, SEO does all the talking.

The purpose of SEO is to increase the quality of organic traffic to your website and blog posts.

But, what is quality?

Quality simply means the right type of traffic – so no tyre kickers. 

And that is just one of the benefits of SEO.

Why Does SEO Matter?

The number of consumers who turn to Google for answers is on the rise.

And, it’s not hard to believe when you think about the number of people using their phones to book online appointments, buy products, hire services, etc.

Without SEO, your business is missing out on potential sales.

SEO helps you to:

  • Gain brand visibility in a crowded marketplace

  • Generate quality leads

  • Improve conversion rates

  • Reduce sales costs

How An SEO Copywriter Can Help Your Business

Through research, an SEO copywriter finds the questions your target market is asking.

Combine that with technical skill and creative flair – your brand becomes the answer to their problem.

As an SEO copywriter, I write content with two end-goals in mind:

  • Content is strategically written to position well in organic search (Google), and
  • Content must reach the intended target market (humans).

MY SEO Copywriting Approach

  • Ethical Google-approved SEO techniques (no keyword stuffing)
  • Engaging, conversational optimised copy that pulls your customers in
  • Spying on your competitors using clever tactics
    (don’t worry, it’s an ethical practice)
  • Jargon-free copy that makes sense to your target market
  • An easily searchable website
  • Informative content that builds traffic


My passion is helping business owners, which is why I have put together an article on this topic.

Want to set your website up for success with SEO?

7 Benefits To Hiring Me As Your SEO Copywriter

Not only your business benefits but your customers as well…

Well-structured website content for easy navigation.

SEO-friendly title tag and meta description that entices your customers to click onto your website.

A quality copy – no fluff and ALL SUBSTANCE.

Answers to the questions that your customers are asking.

Optimised web copy that uses white hat keyword technique (Google approved).

Optimised images for vision-impaired customers.

A compelling offer to remove residual doubt from customers.

Hi, I’m Toni Wells

Toni Wells Copywriter

A friendly and experienced Brisbane Copywriter helping you to position your brand as the solution to your customers through the use of clever copy and content. 

On a personal side note, I’m a Justice of the Peace (QUAL)  and volunteer regularly in my local community.  

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