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Brisbane-Based Podiatry Copywriter

Are you searching for a podiatry copywriter? Specifically, one who had worked in the industry?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Toni and I’m a Brisbane-based podiatry copywriter.

As a former practice manager, I understand the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and technology. Combine that with regular training of staff, compliance management and caring of patients in the clinic leaves us time-poor for anything else.

Discover The Benefits Of A Podiatry Copywriter

Are you looking to increase your website traffic?

Has a new competitor arrived on the scene?

Would you like to win back past customers?

This is where I come in. 

Having a podiatry copywriter to write your copy or content helps you to maximise your documentation time and interaction with your patients.

This means that you can focus on caring for more patients.

Whether your objective is to change behaviour or to sell a product or service, I help your clinic be a step above the rest.

Engage your target market with an informative and conversational copy to inspire them into action.

If you are unsure about the effectiveness of my content, just browse through the comments on my podiatry blogs.

Choose from a range of print mediums:


Got a new product that you want customers to use? Or perhaps you have expanded your range of services? A brochure is the one to announce this exciting new addition to prospects and past customers alike.

For a newly established practice, a brochure is a good starting point to address the who, what, where, when, why and how questions.


This medium is ideal for time-limited offers. For example, you want to sell a product as quickly as possible or you want to convince prospects to trial one.

Direct Mail Packages

Perhaps your monthly report tells you that you have x amount of clients that have not been to your practice for some time. Therefore, you are looking to win them back but you are unsure how to tackle this issue? A letter may be the first thing that comes to mind but you feel as though you need something a little bit more? A direct mail package is your answer.

For more information on direct mail, click here to read my blog Direct Mail: 9 Things You Need To Know

Print And Press Advertisements (Newspaper And Magazine)

Are you seeking to advertise your business in a local or national publication but don’t know what layout to choose? I’ll provide you with some visuals to guide you along the way. And don’t worry about concepts because you will have plenty to choose from. A concept is an outline of the ad: headline, description and a slogan.


If you want to target aged care residents, then a printed newsletter is a wonderful medium to keep them informed. Seniors are not the only ones who benefit from this; EPAs and the aged care community as a whole. Why? Because carers, nurses and facility managers want to know what is happening in your practice.

A newsletter is also great for creating company recognition or changing an opinion. Consider Medicare rebates, changes in appointment procedures, etc.

Radio And TV Commercials

Whether you are opening a new practice, fundraising or just creating general awareness, use a radio or TV commercial medium to get your message across.

Digital Health Is Growing…Is Your Clinic Keeping Up?

If you are looking to improve your digital foothold then SEO copywriting is for you.

There are many elements to SEO, but the four I focus on are:

1. Quality content.

2. Architecture.

3. HTML.

4. Image optimisation.

In terms of keyword optimisation, you have a choice of the following mediums:


Blogs have been a huge factor in building trust and influencing prospective sales. Share your expertise while improving your website rank with informative blog topics such as heel pain, footwear assessment, etc.

Website Copy

Since we live in an age of information, people expect to see a website. Without one, you simply don’t exist in the eyes of prospects. Quality copywriting creates brand recognition, builds credibility and converts prospects into paying customers.

Social Media Content

Social media is a big part of marketing – but don’t make the mistake of placing all your focus on social media. Instead, it should complement your website.

Get noticed with thought-provoking content with eye-catching images.


E-books have been known to add value to information-seeking users from ‘how to’ guides to infographics. Moreover, it’s another way to build trust without the ‘hard-sell’. Some ways you can add value to prospects is to educate them on topics such as diabetic foot care and elderly foot care – just to name a few.


When users are looking for a healthcare provider, they have a tonne of questions to ask. FAQs are a great way to address them which will cut down on time spent on the phone answering those questions.

Examples may include:

– Appointments.

– Billing.

– Definition of service terms e.g. biomechanical assessment.

What About Compliance?

It’s important to remember that with marketing, especially in the medical sector, we have to be mindful of some compliance issues surrounding social media.

Good news is that my experience with compliance matters means that I take all aspects of digital marketing into consideration. And write to your target market whilst complying with the Podiatry Board of Australia policies, codes and guidelines.

Allow me to focus on growing your traffic organically while you focus on the most important thing – caring for your patients.

To discuss how I can make a difference to your business, send me a message through Contact or call.

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