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Email Copywriting That Builds, Engages and Converts

One of the biggest challenges of email marketing is to build your email list.

But, why build an email list?

For every person who subscribes to your list is a potential customer.

This means that they have expressed interest in what your business has to offer.

While they may not be ready to purchase now – they’re warming up to the idea.

So, think of email copywriting as taking your prospects on a digital journey.

Provide them with value and quality content along the way – then when the time is right, they’ll make the purchase.

What does a well-rounded email campaign look like?

Aim to implement the following in your autoresponder for a well-rounded email campaign.

  • Transaction – to provide customer service.

  • Relational – to engage subscribers and nurture a relationship with them.

  • Promotional – to generate sales.

In case you’re wondering what an autoresponder is, check out my blog.

Why Choose Me For Your Email Copywriting Needs

Your email messages will demonstrate the following:

Compliance to the Spam Act 2003 (Commonwealth)

Just like your social media, timing is everything.

This means that your messages will be spaced out beautifully.

Quality content

This is relevant under the Spam Act.

Your messages will have a variety of topics to keep them looking forward to the next one.

The key to keeping readers engaged is to provide value.

In doing so, you build their trust and an emotional connection, which increases your conversion rate.


I have some clever tactics that will help improve your conversion and click-through rates.


The biggest mistake that people make is not focusing the content on their customers.

Your messages will speak to them just like an email from a friend.

So more focus on your consumers and less on your business.

Clear call-to-action

Your call-to-actions will be purposeful, driving your goal home.

Hi, I’m Toni Wells

Toni Wells Copywriter

A friendly and experienced Brisbane Copywriter helping you to position your brand as the solution to your customers through the use of clever copy and content. 

On a personal side note, I’m a Justice of the Peace (QUAL)  and volunteer regularly in my local community.  

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