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Is Direct Mail Dead?

Not at all.

Despite this digital age that we live in, direct mail is a personal medium and is still favoured by many.

The truth is, people, love tangible devices – think brochures, flyers and direct mail letters.

Companies such as 24-hour gyms, real estate agencies and veterinary clinics use this medium to connect with prospects and customers alike.

Direct mail has many advantages for a variety of reasons

  • Generate new sales

  • New product/service announcement

  • Follow up with enquiries

  • Conduct research surveys

  • Build goodwill

  • Renew memberships, subscriptions, service contracts and insurance policies

  • Keep in touch with former customers

  • Distribute information, product samples and news

A standard direct mail package contains the following:

  • a letter,

  • a brochure,

  • a designer envelope;

  • and a reply card. 

But, of course, this format will vary depending on your objective.

Direct Mail Copywriting Elements

Attention-grabbing headline

A great headline is a deciding factor. It determines whether your message is worth reading.



The benefits of writing to your target market create a point of difference and attract a niche market. 


Besides wanting to know what the product/service is and what it does, your customers also want to know how it can benefit them.

Clear call-to-action

Never assume customers know what the next steps are because 9 times out of 10, they don’t.

Compelling offer

A great offer removes residual doubt from consumers.

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