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Copywriting Is Much More Than You Think

In this age of digital technology, copywriting is not only an important marketing tool but also a skill that involves more than selling a product or service.

Copywriting creates brand awareness and alters a client’s attitude towards the way they perceive a product or service.

This is an integral part of the process to win back past customers and attract new ones.

Especially in a crowded marketplace.

Make Your Copy Great Again

Everyone thinks they can write copy.

But, when it comes down to it, it’s not as easy as you think.

There’s a big difference between writing copy that speaks only about your business – to one that speaks to your consumers.

Moreover, one that is benefit-driven and impactful.

Allow me to help your business make an impression.

Copywriting comes in all shapes and sizes

  • Brand storytelling

  • Brochures and sales documentation

  • Direct mail letters

  • EDMs

  • Landing pages

  • Newspaper and magazine ads

  • Press releases

  • Radio scripts

  • Social media content

  • Speeches

  • TV commercials

  • Websites

  • Youtube video descriptions

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Copywriting Specialities


I’ve helped businesses re-brand and revamp their existing websites. As well as write copy for new websites.

No matter where you are in the process – I’m here to help you get more clients.


This topic is a pain point for business owners.

Since collaborating with Y(E)P Entrepreneurship Facilitators, I’ve created workshops teaching business owners how to:

  • use a pre-launch checklist
  • plan emails using 30-day content guide
  • avoid the top 10 mistakes that ruin your conversion rates

I’ve also mentored clients who needed help with their e-newsletter.

Articles/Blog Posts

Consumers love to research online.
And the best way to educate them is through articles/blog posts.

The benefit is threefold:

  • builds credibility
  • builds trust
  • provides value

I’ve likened value and trust as a type of digital currency, so make sure your business has it in the bank.

Take a look at some of the work I’ve done for my wonderful clients.

About Toni Wells Copywriter

Toni Wells Copywriter

Toni Wells Copywriter is a friendly and experienced service helping you to position your brand as the solution to your customers through the use of clever, conversational copy and intriguing articles.

Personal side note:
Toni is a Justice of the Peace (QUAL)  and volunteers regularly in her local community.  

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Make Your Copy Great Again

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