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Businesses: Got These 7 Issues? Here’s How A Copywriter Can Help

Can a copywriter do more than just help you make a quick sale?


To establish long-term sales, you need to build a relationship with prospects. That’s where content comes in.

Content is the most critical element of any marketing campaign. It plays a key role in changing the customer’s attitude and influences prospective sales. If you are a business owner struggling to produce long-term sales, consider a copywriter to write your content.

Below is a list of 7 content-related issues and the ideal medium for tackling each, plus some tips to help you get the most out of your copywriting.

1. Need To Win Back Past Customers

A challenge that all owners face one way or another is to win back past customers. And the ideal medium for tackling this issue is a direct mail long copy. Unlike many other forms of promotion, direct mail is a tried and tested medium for changing behaviour.

A challenge that all owners face one way or another is to win back past customers

Toni Wells Copywriter

What is a long copy you ask? Long copy is more than 4 pages in length and it involves a lot of time in planning, researching and writing. A copywriter will produce content that speaks directly to your past customers, dealing with their objections and presenting a great offer.

Tip: if you want your direct mail to stand out, consider a package that includes an eye-catching envelope to go with your copy. The quality of the artwork and the quantity will depend on your budget.

2. Clients Need A Reason To Read Your Newsletters

Newsletters (print or digital) create awareness and keep clients informed about your product or service. No one wants to read boring company newsletters, but if it’s done in an engaging way, people are likely to spend the time reading it.

Organisation is key to a successful newsletter so this requires a lot of planning. A copywriter’s role is to gather the stories and write the content. Examples of content are a balance between serious and light-hearted stories, editorials, interviews, competitions and quizzes for readers to partake.

Tip: for the print option, it is best to check the level of involvement as some copywriters are actively involved in the printing and distribution process.

3. No Time To Write Blogs

Writing a blog can take a significant amount of time. However, it’s not just the writing component itself; it’s the planning and strategizing that goes along with it.  
You see, writing blogs without a content strategy is like long-distance driving to a destination that you’ve never been before. You hope to get there without running out of petrol along the way.

A copywriter will help you come up with a series of topics, a schedule for each publication with action-driven content to increase your readership and convert them into paying customers.

Tip: ask if the copywriter has a content promotion strategy as part of a package deal to help increase your blog’s exposure for your social media channels. 

4. Your Website Isn’t Bringing In The Right Target Market

Ask yourself this question: Is your website a reflection of your brand? Does it portray your style, format and tone? Above all, does it speak to the right target market? If not, then your website copy needs a little TLC.

A copywriter’s job is to take out the bland copy and transform it into your ideal customer by speaking their language and presenting them with a solution. In terms of value-add content, a copywriter will produce literature (e-books, white paper, infographics) to convert information-seeking readers into loyal customers.

5. No Social Media Presence

This issue is not as common as businesses placing all of their focus on social media; however, the absence of social media hinders growth.

Social media provides an easy outlet for your customers and prospects to learn about your business in bite-size chunks.

A copywriter will come up with a plan designed to pique prospects’ interest in your products or services with engaging posts. Such posts may contain a mixture of customer reviews, industry news, questions to readers, quick tips and advice, contest posts, etc.

Tip: if you require copywriting done your website or another digital medium, ask a copywriter to provide a package deal that includes social media. This may help you save some money.

6. Emails Aren’t Being Read

Email marketing is a beast in itself. It harnesses the power to convert, but it also can deter prospects away should the content be meaningless or ‘too salesy’. If your emails aren’t being read, there can be a number of reasons for this:

Content isn’t engaging

One method used to engage with readers is to tell stories. Stories are powerful because they are lessons. They reveal a problem and to put it simply, your business is the solution.

Wrong target market

A common problem with email marketing is writing to the wrong target market. Segmenting your recipient list so the information is useful and relevant to them. Segmentation is simply the process of breaking up a mailing list into smaller lists. This method works best for large mailing lists.

Subscriber list is small

Everyone must start somewhere but if you are struggling to grow your list, the best thing to do is to entice prospects by offering an incentive to sign up. An example might be reserving the best insider tips or how-to guides. Any information that is considered ‘gold’ must be saved only for your subscribers.

In any case, a copywriter can fix those issues by writing a series of educational, storytelling and promotional content to increase your email click-through rates and grow your list of subscribers.

7. Unsure How To Announce A New Product/Service

If you have the budget for it then a radio announcement is one way to let people know about this new addition. A copywriter not only writes the script but also brainstorm scenarios such as character play.

All in all, a copywriter is there to come up strategies and write the content so you can focus on the most important thing which is running your business. 

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