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Is a brochure still relevant in this digital age?

This is a common question business owners ask.

The answer is yes.

People love tangible devices.

Brochures are one of them.

Organisations that use brochures:

• Real estate agencies
• Insurance companies
• Veterinary clinics
• Industrial manufactures
• Tour guides

Plus, sole traders and freelancers among others.

Freelance Brochure Copywriter Helping You To Position Your Business As The Solution To Your Clients

As a brochure copywriter, I help you communicate to your target market – effectively.

But what exactly does an effective brochure copy look like?

Put simply, it’s a copy that’s clear, concise and benefit-driven.

Generally speaking, there’s not a lot of space to work with so I make sure that the copy can stand on its own.

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Need Help With Your Brochure’s Layout?

Below is only a sample of what can be published in your brochure.


The two most common brochure sizes are A4 and A5.

Number of pages

Two things to brainstorm are the main points to include in your brochure and types of images you want to use.

This will help you to determine the number of pages required.

Front cover

You’ll receive some suggestions on what to place on the front cover.

List of contents

This is only required for brochures that are 8 pages or more in length. 

Product/service info

This is the section that your consumers pay close attention to.


Never underestimate the power of testimonials.

Business information

This section is a good opportunity to state how long your business has been trading or your philosophy.


A must-have piece of information.

A clear call-to-action

Never assume customers know what the next steps are because 9 times of out 10, they don’t.

And in case you need guidance, this helpful article may shed some light – learn the different brochure types.

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